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Getting Help From Ballenger Creek Recreation Council Soccer:

Welcome to BCRC Soccer, where recreational soccer is fun and affordable.   Registration for the Spring 2014 season is now CLOSED.

Provided below is a summary of our age group offerings and the associated fees.  Note that age groups are determined by the players age on July 31, 2013.  Using a 10 year old as an example: if the player turns 10 on, or before, July 31, 2013 then the player would be too old for the U-10 (UNDER 10) age group and would be considered to be a U-11 player.  If the player turns 10 on August 1, 2013, or after, then the player would still qualify for the U-10 age group.  

The BCRC Academy Program is for U-5 through U-8 players.  The emphasis of the Academy program is teaching the players basic soccer skills in a fun, no pressure, environment.  The U-5 age group will participate in the BCRC Academy Clinic, an instructional clinic that is offered once a week.  Players in the U-6 age band will also participate in the BCRC Academy Clinic and will have games against other BCRC U-6 teams on Saturdays.  The U-7 and U-8 age bands will practice twice per week and will play in a "penta-league" (games are 5 v 5) against other local soccer programs on Saturdays.  All Academy players receive a T-shirt (no separate uniform needed) and a participation award.  The registration fee for U7 and U8 players is $60 per player; the fee for U5 and U6 players is $50.  Registrations for U5 - U8 players received after 2/16/2014 will be assessed a LATE FEE.

The BCRC Travel Team Program is for the U-9 through U-19 age groups.  All Travel Program teams will compete in the Frederick County Youth Soccer League ("FCYSL").  Most teams practice twice a week and the FCYSL season consists of 8 games against teams based in Frederick County or nearby areas.  Most games are on Saturdays but a few may be held on Sundays.  The base registration fee for participants on U10 and U12 teams is $75 per player.  The base registration fee for participants on U14 and U19 teams $85 per player.  Registrations for U9 - U19 players received after 1/26/2014 will be assessed a LATE FEE.  In addition each player will need a BCRC uniform. The uniform jersey and shorts must be purchased during the registration process, while matching green socks can be purchased from local retailers or one line.  Players on U-14 and U-19 teams do NOT receive participation awards at the end of the season. 

BCRC Soccer is run by volunteers.  If we don't have coaches and administrators, we can't offer playing opportunities.  Our program in desperate need of administrative help (especially persons that can serve as liaisons between BCRC Soccer and member families and/or the leagues we participate in).  Registration fees are waived for families that serve in significant volunteer positions.  Please consider volunteering so that we can keep our program running effectively. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by sending an e-mail to